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20231122 11:34

Adding to Tiny Tools the following:

checkmd5, an md5 checksum utility
check256, a sha256 checksum utility
20231117 18:46

Just added 'regextr' to Tiny Tools.

You can find below, in MagicPot1 or on https://github.com/par7133
20231115 00:12

OpenBSD Fundraising campaign 2023

20231115 00:12


I got inspired by the Tiny Tools article, by Gerald J. Holzmann, with some useful shell tools for coding on Unix-like systems.

The article is severals years old (I. Software, jan/feb 2016) and the code should be adapted to OpenBSD. But I tried to convert them: the code follows, it was uploaded in MagicPot1 like "Tiny-Tools" and it is on GitHub as well.
20231114 23:37

Code for the search variable utility "var"


case $# in
1) (pcregrep -n "^[$]?$1[^\w]" * ; pcregrep -n " ? ?[$]?$1[^\w]" * ; pcregrep -n "[^\w'][$]?$1[^\w]" * ) | sort -un
2) (pcregrep -n "^[$]?$1[^\w]" $2 ; pcregrep -n " ? ?[$]?$1[^\w]" $2 ; pcregrep -n "[^\w'][$]?$1[^\w]" $2 ) | sort -un
*) echo "usage: var [identifier] [file]?"
exit 1
exit 0
20231114 21:31

Code for the search function utility "fun"


case $# in
1) sed -n /function.$1/,/}/p *; sed -n /proc.$1/,/}/p *; sed -n /sub.$1/,/}/p *;
2) sed -n /function.$1/,/}/p $2; sed -n /proc.$1/,/}/p $2; sed -n /sub.$1/,/}/p $2;
*) echo "usage: fun fctname [filename]?"
exit 1
exit 0
20231114 11:11

Code for the printing utility "nana"


if [ "X$1" = "X" ]; then
echo "usage: nana [[startline] [endline]]? [file]*"

if [ -f $1 ]

pr -t -n -m $*

O=`expr $1 - 1`
M=`expr $2 - $O`

echo \<$3\>
pr -t -n $3 | head -n$N | tail -n$M

20231114 00:29

Two more utilities from packages to debug your system:

lspci displays detailed information about all PCI buses and devices.

pkg_add pciutils

You can run it in this way:
wiz# lspci

dmidecode reports information about your system's hardware as described in your system BIOS

pkg_add dmidecode

You can run it in this way:
wiz# dmidecode | less

NB: dmidecode requires root access and access to the kernel memory (kern.allowkmem=1)
20231111 16:04

Pdf viewer made it simple:

Evince has a lighter version here named Evince Light.

Please, check your repo for exact package name.

20231110 06:06


Despite Hollywood's best efforts, the maintanance of a secure computing environment remains unglamourous and largely unappreciated. -- from Unix and Linux System Administration Handbook
20231110 05:31

Useful tip to defend your exposed services.

phpfpm, mysql, memcached and so fourth.. listen to me: better to protect your services port range.


20231109 07:11

Install and run the antivirus

# Install the antivrus
pkg_add clamav

# Create the log file
touch /var/log/freshclam.log
chown _clamav:_clamav /var/log/freshclam.log

# Configure clamav..
# consider to leave Bytecode on a default=yes
nano /etc/freshclam.conf

# Update the antivirus engine..

# Run the antivirus eg on /usr/local/libexec/
clamscan /usr/local/libexec/
20231107 01:18

The Italian calendar.

You can find it below, in MagicPot1.

To use it just copy from the calendar repo, /usr/share/calendar, your desired calendars - including the italian one - to ~/.calendar/.

Then create an index file "calendar", in the same folder, listing your calendars eg:

* My own calendar files

#ifndef _calendar_
#define _calendar_

#include <calendar.it>
#include <calendar.computer>

#endif /* !_calendar_ */

Then simply launch "calendar" or inside eg ~/.profile:

/usr/bin/calendar -A 5
20231106 22:38

Customize you prompt string.

If Korn shell is your default shell you can customize your prompt string very easily. Place in ~/.profile or ~/.kshrc, according to your setup something like that:

export PS1='\h@$PWD\$ '

\h is your hostname excluding the domain part.
$PWD return your working directory
\$ print a '#' for user root otherwise '$'

Whenever you want to return to the default:

export PS1='\h\$ '

Please refer to "man ksh" for the full list of parameters or backslash-escaped special characters to use.
20231106 21:09

Softdep *recalled* since release 7.4.

As per OpenBSD 7.4 release notes:

- Make the softdep mount(8) option a no-op. Softdep was a significant impediment to improving the vfs layer.

Marc Espie clarifys about softdep that "it is buggy a and it is not expected to make things faster again until it will be truely rock-solid".

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