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20240517 10:52

Having Thunar detached from Xfce it could allow us to uninstall Thunar in favor of Caja..
20240517 10:52

In my OpenBSD 7.5, xfce-4.18.1, after the upgrade the Characters Map / Special Characters utility was missing both graphically, in the menu, and on disk.

Reinstalled manually Char Map after the upgrade with:

pkg_add gucharmap
20240509 21:11

About Caja:

Not only Caja brings in some basic security features, but being based on Nautilus it enables also some operational tricks. Example, working on the filesystem we get the Undo (Ctrl+Z).
20240509 20:36

Installed 7.5:

From a first glance last version of Badwolf, ver 1.2.2p2 has various
problems, firsts in list:

- jquery ui doesn't run properly, when I start using a webapp coded
to consume this library, jquery ui goes in "log mode" only;

- I can't create more GitHub repositories.

I then cleaned my OpenBSD system with a "pkg_delete -a", deleting all the
unused library from 7.4 and now Badwolf is behaving correctly both on
Github and with jQuery UI.

Hope this eventually help someone.
20240509 20:31

You are welcome to join the unofficial chatroom "OpenBSD for Users" on https://mov.im/login/EEBFALB7
20240406 23:54

OpenBSD 7.5 released.
20240328 03:08

About security again.

Just adding a simple evidence: dark mode is difficult to print.

If you are dedicating time to web browser and email client development
in OpenBSD.. I suggest to point antennas on dark mode too..
20240322 10:14

Caja or Mousepad suppress the text editing features or have a readonly mode.

Giving a default readonly *splash* or mode to all our software when unattended
could probably help in dissuading keystroke injection kind of attacks.
20240321 21:45

I tried to port my dev environment from Xfce to Mate and here some of my thoughts:

1) Mate is much lighter, eg tcl/tk software go up like a twist;
2) by multi screens the porting is a true adventure cause Mate doesn't come with a
"Display utility", all the screen configuration happens by xrandr;
3) the software that accompaign Mate is few or doesnt run, eg the power management
utility doesnt function or I can't set my custom 5 Mode background (the background utility
doesnt pop up);
4) the context menu by right clicking anywhere on the desktop has no application menu

I passed a full night with Mate (..) but for now I was happy to come
back to my steps and restore Xfce, although performances seem very
20240211 04:23

TIP: Dealing with nano (or vi editor as well) you can simplify the opening of long file names just using a strategic wildcard, eg:

having date-uuid-blog101.txt

"nano *blog101.txt" is your shortcut.

20240211 04:11

OpenBSD doens't have HDMI audio support yet.

Monitor's speakers prb could rest in peace.

20231216 05:11

OpenBSD 7.4 is now supporting the Unicode encoding at system level, including the Chinese language.

Just wonder to have in your .xinitrc (or in .xsession for xenodm) this:

export LC_CTYPE=zh_CN.UTF-8

20231122 11:34

Adding to Tiny Tools the following:

checkmd5, an md5 checksum utility
check256, a sha256 checksum utility
20231117 18:46

Just added 'regextr' to Tiny Tools.

You can find below, in MagicPot1 or on https://github.com/par7133
20231115 00:12

OpenBSD Fundraising campaign 2023


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